We achieved a good reputation as our performance triggered the credibility to grow even more.


The company was established in 1987, beginning with a small home industry running clothes printing. At that time, we started to supply clothes for numerous famous brands in the market. In 1995, we carried out work in the promotion of apparel production for companies and organizations.

We gradually grow bigger as we maintain our work quality with perseverance, competency and integrity. We achieved a good reputation as our performance triggered the credibility to grow even more. Nearly in 2010, we start to expand our scope to support promotional items on demand. By stepping on the age of 30 years, our company purpose has not changed, that is, we work to create promotional goods and services in order to meet the needs of consumers in a free market competition as well as providing jobs for the community.

Most people took advantage from our expertise in promotional production to support and supply goods on their behalf. However this kind of incident has been causing a good impact our company. We learned to handle any problems that arise and prevent it from happening again. We commit ourselves to treat every customer with full responsibility to ensure their satisfaction. For us, human resources is the center of all activities of the company. We believe that success requires a high standard of company manners to everyone we work with. We are committed to treating every customer in a responsible manner in order to ensure their satisfaction.

Vision & Mission


To become a preferred company in supplying promotional goods that satisfies our customer which leads to business growth.

To produce excellent promotional goods in accordance with the agreed design sample in budget. We employ quality-control check throughout our production process and work together to build long-lasting relationships by giving our best.


We believe our values of excellence, integrity and creativity differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on developing and maintaining client satisfaction has created a company culture where each of our associates delivers value like a family. We work on our strength to ensure an outstanding result.